Newsdesk Style

£175 per minute of content

Scripted piece-to-camera clips with a professional presenter, including company-branded news desk and custom studio background. Filmed against green screen at Spectrecom


– Director / camera-operator
– 4K HD camera
– Lights and studio hire
– Autocue, with operator
– Delivery within 48hrs
– News desk hire
– Branded end-cards
– Royalty cleared music
– Refreshments
– Green rooms
– Company Logo
– Custom studio background

This package includes …

Edited content will be delivered in a digital format of your choice. Your chosen text and logo at front and end of each clip. Licenced music sting at front and end of each clip. Filmed on a scheduled shoot day (usually available every week). Light hospitality will be provided to clients including meals over lunchtime

Further clarification and more options …

The script must be provided by you in a digital format. If you require additional scripting or creative help, please ask the team for a quote.

The presenter will be an industry professional chosen by Spectrecom. If you have a preferred presenter or want 60 minutes of content or more, the cost of your preferred presenter shortlisted by Spectrecom will be included in the price of £175 per minute.

The price per minute is for a minimum of 15 minutes per session on a scheduled Spectrecom Studio shoot day. For a shorter series of video content, please ask the Spectrecom studio team for a quote. Spectrecom can help with online hosting and distribution. Please discuss your preferred online performance and results, with the Spectrecom digital team and ask for a quote.

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