Live Streaming

Single Camera

From £2,500 per day

The single-camera package is best suited to relatively simple content like presenter-led webinars, product demonstrations, internal communications and low-key events.

Filmed in one of Spectrecom Studios’ three sound stages, this entry level live streaming package includes:


– Director / Camera Operator
– Production Coordinator
– Streaming Engineer
– Graphics Overlay
– 1 x 4K HD cameras
– Sound Recordist
– Studio & Lighting Hire
– Footage Delivery within 24hrs
– Refreshments
– Green Rooms


Our inhouse engineer will live stream your video footage to any platform of your choice.

Whatever you would like to film is totally up to you!

If you need help with casting talent, scripting, developing concepts or set-design, our in-house creative team would be very happy to help. Please just ask us for a quote.


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