Game of Thrones is back!

Last Sunday, fans everywhere rejoiced as blood, battles, bastards and boobies finally returned to their screens in the form of the wonderfully gratuitous ‘Game of Thrones’, now in its sixth season.

Here at Spectrecom Studios, we soon discovered that the game’s reach wasn’t just limited to Westeros. Our London studios facilities have hosted many legions of the show’s cast and crew over the years, and while spending any amount of time in the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ will see a marked decrease in life expectancy, the atmosphere in the air here has generally been one of inflated excitement.

The Iron Throne itself moved from its usual residence in King’s Landing to Studio 1 for a promotional stills shoot back in 2012. This proved to be something that not even Senior Scriptwriter Paul could resist the allure of – bending words to your iron will is not nearly as fun as bending the realm apparently.

Paul Game of Thrones

Grab yourself a horn of mead and check out the series 6 trailer below if you’ve got some catching up to do. As for the rest of you, episode 2 “Home” will air on May 1st – you know what to do.

Channel 4 gets its kinky on at Spectrecom Studios

Spectrecom Studios strapped on for a wild October last year as Channel 4 slipped into the latex, grabbed the whip, and entered Studio 1 to film its raunchy new show ‘The Great British Sex Survey.’

Thanks to a specially commissioned survey, the programme strips itself from any sense of modesty and divulges on the top ten kinks, fetishes and sexual practices of the Great British public.

As a result, the London film studio saw the whole corridor outside Studio 1 closed down to shield the innocent eyes of our employees – libido-induced heart attacks are bad for business after all.

Spectrecom Studios enjoyed the rather intimate few days it had with Channel 4, and certainly hopes they remember to call again. Watch the clips of the episode here

(Lies back on bed and lights cigarette.)

Miss Moneypenny helps young authors write stories to thrill

In early January we welcomed Miss Moneypenny herself to Studio 2 for a shoot with RunHire for Chris Evan’s BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition.  Naomi Harris, of James Bond Spectre fame, worked with a group of young writers to explore the importance of a great plot whilst writing a story.

Shot in a fully repainted, green screen Studio 2, as well as a walkthrough in our largest Studio 1, Naomi worked through the basics of plot and story writing with the young wordsmiths.  The studio was lit by our in house technicians with our top end broadcast lighting stock, ensuring a simple and painless live key for the vision mixer.

Green Screen Infinity Curve

Take a look at her hints and tips here, as well as a few glimpses of what happens behind the camera on a studio shoot.  

Find out more about BBC 500 Words here.

BBC Three moves online with powerful film shot at Spectrecom Studios

BBC Three made the momentous move online yesterday, with the terrestrial channel winding down at the end of the month.

With the significant response received from the Professor Green documentary, ‘Suicide and Me’, BBC Three wanted to look further into the subject with a focus on the pressures of being a man in today’s society. The short film, now released across social media platforms as well as on the BBC Three site, gives a powerful insight into the difficulties faced by men in Britain today.

With the personal nature of the shoot, privacy and facilities were essential. Not only was Studio 2 the perfect size for the main scene, our quiet and secluded green rooms were ideal for the contributors to relax in whilst not shooting. The showers came in use as well – you’ll see why at the end of the video! Watch it here…

Shot in studio 2 on white cyc wall

If you’d like to take a look at our 3 studios, as well as the superb support facilities and services, please do get in touch to arrange a tour on 0203 405 2263 or email

Star Green Room


An ‘Unbelievable’ Start to the Year at Spectrecom Studios

A very happy, if rather belated, New Year from all of us here at Spectrecom Studios!

We trust you all had thoroughly gluttonous Christmases and New Years and have returned to work brimming with fresh resolutions, cheese-withdrawal and an urgent need for studio space.

Well, here at Spectrecom Studios, we’re off to an unbelievable start to the year… literally!

Towards the end of 2015 we welcomed renowned British journalist and newscaster Alastair Stewart to our studios to shoot a brand new series of ITV’s ‘Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera’.

ITV Shiver green screen studio

Shot over the course of two days in Studio 2 Alastair Stewart hosted a selection of some of some of the most amazing moments ever caught on camera by members of the public.

Produced by ‘Shiver’, our 800 ft² studio 2 was painted green for the occasion and can be seen in all its glory, every Sunday at 6pm on ITV. Watch the first episode here.

For more information about our studio offering, contact our studio team and take a look around.

Louis Walsh on the Moon in Studio 1

Last week before the final of the X Factor, Louis Walsh made a visit to our studios to film an opening scene for the show, which has since been taken off YouTube.

Using green screen in studio 1 and lighting technician Ionuts Apetroe, Louis and his team filmed a spoof of the big budget John Lewis christmas advert, where Louis appeared to be the man on the moon receiving a telescope.

The John Lewis advert cost over £1,000,000 to make, but our green screen saved Mr. Simon Cowell a fortune!

If you want to film a Christmas advert using green screen, get in touch today  on 0203 405 2263 and we may be able to squeeze you in before the big day arrives!

Man on the Moon Spoof

Craig Charles Brings a Little Funk and Soul to Studio 2

‘Red Dwarf’ legend, ‘Corrie’ regular and much loved radio DJ Craig Charles was in studio 2 back in early September shooting the TV ad for his new compilation album ‘Craig Charles Funk and Soul Classics’.

Following the success of his 6 Music Saturday evening radio show ‘The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show’, this new album will bring Craig’s roots and heritage to the nation’s earholes.

Shot in Studio 2 against green, Craig took to the decks to showcase his 60 track, three-disc collection and had all of us here in the studios tapping our feet.

Check out the advert and be sure to contact us if you would like to find out more about our green screen capabilities.

Rugby World Cup Legends Face Off In Spectrecom Studios

And so, England’s dream of World Cup glory comes to a disastrous end.

Saturday evening’s England V Australia match left the Brits reeling and the Aussies gleaming as an end score of 33-13 sealed our World Cup fate.

Ahead of this ruthless slaying, Lawrence Dallaligio and George Gregan headed Kennington-wards to shoot a brand new intro sequence for ITV’s World Cup coverage. Harking back to their 2003 face off, Dallaligio and Gregan prepped viewers for the highly anticipated match and reminisced about their own World Cup glory days.

Shot in studio 2 and using both our in-house projectors and smoke machines, the shoot left all of us at Spectrecom Studios thoroughly pumped for the upcoming match. How deluded we all were…

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 09.31.52

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 09.33.16

Why not rub a little extra salt in the wound by watching our crushing defeat all over again on ITV Player and see if you can spot Dallaligio and Gregan going head to head in the build up.

And remember, if you happen to have any Rugby legends lying around that need filming, why not bring them to Spectrecom Studios, set them up in one of our new star green rooms and make use of our full-service studios.

Dara Ó Briain Shoots New TX Pilot in Studio 1

We’ve had Irish comedian and TV presenter Dara Ó Briain in the studios filming the pilot for his brand new show ‘In Case You Missed It’.

This unique TV review show features such family favourites as the ‘National Health Lottery’ and even a sneak preview of ‘Mary Berry’s Powertools Special’! Confused? So are the shows.

Dara and co. shot in Studio 1 and the episode aired on Monday night at 22.00 on BBC2. In case you missed it… literally… catch up on the episode here.

Below are some behind the scenes shots from Dara’s time in the studio and if you’d like to find out more about our capacity for set builds and large scale TV shows, contact Rob, our Studio Accounts Manager and he’ll be more than happy to organise a viewing.

Set Build TV programme in Studio 1

Set Build TV programme in Studio 1

Qatar makes plans for underwater TV Studio…

There’s been a fair bit of controversy around FIFA over the last few weeks and with rumours of the upcoming World Cup being stripped from the hosting countries, none will be more peeved than the World Cup committee of Qatar who, it has been claimed, are in the process of designing the world’s first underwater TV studio in honour of the event.

According to Patric Douglas, CEO of LA-based underwater design company ‘Reef Worlds’, “The project we are in the process of designing for is an underwater broadcast centre [and] is quite a real possibility,”

Qatar’s World Cup authorities are said to “like the design” and “like the notion of doing the World Cup underwater with sharks swimming around.”

The project is likely to cost Qatar around $30 million so let’s hope they hold off on production until all those blasted corruption allegations have blown over or that could be one very expensive aquarium…

Here at Spectrecom Studios, while we may not be able to offer you an underwater, shark-infested broadcast venue, we can offer you a brand new London-based green screen studio!

Our 300ft² studio 3 is now open and ready for business and comes complete with a full guarantee that neither you, nor your team will be eaten during the course of your shoot.

We have our first production taking place in the studio today, and if you would like to make use of the new space, contact us now and we’d love to book you in for a viewing.

BBC2’s ‘Beat the Brain’ Shot at Spectrecom Studios

Last month, BBC2 launched a brand new quiz show which challenges contestants to attempt various brain-busting puzzles, problems and conundrums.

Hosted by John Craven, the TV show is designed to test every part of the contestant’s mental fitness against the show’s resident genius, ‘The Brain’ voiced by actress Josie Lawrence.

As the programme is studio based with a full set build, the BBC booked our 3,500ft² Studio 1 and used it to create a futuristic, cranial themed set in which to host the show.

The BBC team also made use of our extensive green rooms and production offices in order to produce the show entirely from our London-based Studios.

We loved having John and the team on site for the month and have been suitably baffled by the various challenges every Monday evening since.

Check out episode one and see if you can successfully Beat the Brain!

Britain’s Got More Talent Shoots in Spectrecom Studios

Brainchild of high-trousered music mogul Simon Cowell, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is the UK’s second largest TV talent competition (after ‘The X Factor’ – hats off to you, Mr Cowell) and is now on its 9th series since launching back in 2007.

As well as the main show, BGT also has a companion programme – ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ – which airs on ITV2 and features a selection of behind the scenes clips and additional acts, hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

ITV are regular guests at Spectrecom Studios and earlier this year, we played host to the Britain’s Got More Talent trailer shoot – a set up which featured Stephen Mulhern, among a selection of backing dancers, rapping on a bouncy castle – as one does.

Shot in Spectrecom Studios’ Studio 1, the ITV2 team made full use of our spacious facilities and set up a spoof music video set to promote the new series, which started on 11th April.

Watch the final trailer below and contact us today if you’d like to film your advert (bouncy castle-based or otherwise) at our London based TV Studios.