The Red Carpet Academy Turns Plebes into Pros at Spectrecom Studios

Taking a proverbial crack at TV presenting is all well and good, but can seem like quite the unconquerable goal if the thought of public speaking turns your legs into pool noodles and makes your mouth dryer than Bill Murray doing stand up in the Atacama Desert.

 Luckily, every couple of months our London film studios host the lovely folks at The Red Carpet Academy – the UK’s only TV presenting and public speaking training led by mainstream and celebrity experts.

 These guys are the ideal choice for anyone who needs moulding from a wobbling human jelly to a powerful vessel of charisma and charm – also a generally great option for anybody wishing to hone their presenting and public speaking skills that little bit more.

 The academy usually makes itself at home in our Star Green Room, and uses any one of our three studios to do their TV training days.

 Here’s a link for you to check out, useful for those who want the volume on their voices turned up –

Spectrecom Studios features in Televisual 2016

This year’s essential guide to UK production was released earlier this month and we’re delighted that Spectrecom Studios has been listed up there with the best of them.

Nestled next to Pinewood and Warner Bros. on the ‘Top Studios’ page, Spectrecom Studios is listed as ‘the previous HQ of Cactus TV, once hosting Richard & Judy and Saturday Kitchen’.

Our three studios, plus amenities, are mentioned in the article:

Studio 1 at 3,500 sq ft

Studio 2 at 800 sq ft

Studio 3 at 300 sq ft

And with our credits now including BBC’s ‘Food and Drink’ and ‘The Keith Lemon Sketch Show’, we’re excited that Spectrecom Studios is getting recognised in the industry.

Contact us today for more information about our three studios and green room facilities.

We welcome Rob Harwood, our brand new Studio Accounts Manager!

Admittedly he’s not quite so brand new any more, having been at the company for almost 3 months, but none the less, Rob Harwood is the newest addition to our studio team and so deserves an introduction…

We asked him a series of hard-hitting questions to find out more about the man behind the bookings…

What attracted you to this studio account manager position?

I’ve always wanted to work at a Studio and the expansion here at Spectrecom seemed like a perfect opportunity! I love dealing with the excitement of TV and Film productions and think that Spectrecom Studios are really well positioned, particularly with the current shortage of Studio space in London.

What were you doing before joining Spectrecom?

I used to be the Head of Rentals at ‘Autoscript’. We covered the prompting for some of the largest News and Entertainment shows on TV. If you ever need an expert on an autocue, I’m your man…

What happens in an average day for Spectrecom’s studio account manager?

Lots of emails! First thing I always try and say hello to each of the productions we have in to check they are happy or if there is anything they need. After the obligatory morning coffee I tend to go through any overnight enquiries and questions, as well as finalising paperwork from the previous day’s shoots. The day is then predominantly made up of phone calls, emails, meetings and general assistance for the studio shoots – along with a fair bit of forward planning!

What do you like most about your role here?

I love that we have such different production and shoots in each day. We could have children’s puppets singing songs one day with a formula 1 car in the next!

Have you ever been star struck by a studio guest?

I’m a big ‘Game of Thrones’ fan so Charles Dance was pretty great. I also love it when food is being shot as we often get to eat it afterwards…

What’s the most unusual shoot you’ve had in the studios?

I’ve only been here a few months, but so far, the shooting of a portrait painted entirely with curry ingredients has to be the most bizarre!

Who would be your dream studio guest?

I would love to have David Attenborough in – broadcast royalty!


Contact Rob today, on 0203 405 2263, for more information about our studio offering

Qatar makes plans for underwater TV Studio…

There’s been a fair bit of controversy around FIFA over the last few weeks and with rumours of the upcoming World Cup being stripped from the hosting countries, none will be more peeved than the World Cup committee of Qatar who, it has been claimed, are in the process of designing the world’s first underwater TV studio in honour of the event.

According to Patric Douglas, CEO of LA-based underwater design company ‘Reef Worlds’, “The project we are in the process of designing for is an underwater broadcast centre [and] is quite a real possibility,”

Qatar’s World Cup authorities are said to “like the design” and “like the notion of doing the World Cup underwater with sharks swimming around.”

The project is likely to cost Qatar around $30 million so let’s hope they hold off on production until all those blasted corruption allegations have blown over or that could be one very expensive aquarium…

Here at Spectrecom Studios, while we may not be able to offer you an underwater, shark-infested broadcast venue, we can offer you a brand new London-based green screen studio!

Our 300ft² studio 3 is now open and ready for business and comes complete with a full guarantee that neither you, nor your team will be eaten during the course of your shoot.

We have our first production taking place in the studio today, and if you would like to make use of the new space, contact us now and we’d love to book you in for a viewing.

Our namesake Bond film, SPECTRE, releases its first trailer!

We were very excited to see the first trailer for the 24th James Bond film unveiled on Saturday.

‘Spectre’, which is set for release later this year, tells the story of a cryptic message from Bond’s past which sends him on a trail to uncover the sinister organisation known as ‘SPECTRE’.

The trailer appears to make reference to ‘Skyfall’, the 23rd Bond film which sees Bond delve, for the first time, into his family’s past. This element of continuity (along with the film’s director, Sam Mendes, who returns to the series after his Skyfall debut) should make for an interesting narrative arc.

Interviews with the film’s production team suggest that the name of the film actually caused something of a dispute in the initial stages of production, as rights issues were raised around the SPECTRE organisation being revived, but, after many years of discussions, it appears the last rights issue has been resolved and we can’t wait to see the latest Bond offering.

Check out the trailer for yourselves, above.

Amazon Studios announces plans to make films for cinema

Fresh off the back of a Golden Globes win for its original series ‘Transparent’,’s TV division is now set to turn its hand to film production.

The studio, which develops original series through online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback, was started back in 2010 and has, until now, focused mainly on TV series.

This new move into acquiring and producing full-length feature films for subscription distribution is a bold move for the newly named ‘Amazon Original Movies’, which plans to produce up to 12 films each year starting towards the end of 2015.

With Netflix’s original content already being blamed for a decline in the ‘movie theatre industry’, Amazon Studios’ aim to release online just 4 to 8 weeks after theatrical release will only serve to add fuel to an already raging fire between theatrical and digital distribution. You have to wonder whether the cinema chains will agree to show the films at all…

But, judging by Amazon Studios’ output so far, we think ‘Amazon Original Movies’ could, literally, be one to watch…

Check out the trailer for the Golden Globe winning series ‘Transparent’ below and see what you reckon…

Spectrecom Studios hosting Rethink TV 2015

On 28th January, the DMA will be running a TV networking event, Rethink TV at Spectrecom Studios.

With a host of TV experts on the line-up and a networking event in our TV studio 1 in the evening, the event will be an unmissable opportunity for those looking to explore the marketing possibilities of interactive TV and the role TV can play in direct campaigns.

On the line up of industry experts, along with ITV’s controller of Commercial Digital products, John Block and Thinkbox’s Head of Planning, Leila Travis, will be Spectrecom’s very own MD Andrew Greener who will be giving a hands-on, live editing demonstration that offers advice on how to get great content for even the smallest of budgets.

For more information about the event and to buy tickets click here

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Pixar Studios Says No To Sequels

Pixar is one of the biggest animation film studios in the world and is known for creating movies that attract kids and adults alike to the cinema. However, in what may come as a relief to Pixar loyalists, the studio has announced that it is significantly scaling back the amount of sequels it releases.

Pixar’s animation studio president Ed Catmull has acknowledged that sometimes the public want to see more of the fictional world of a certain film and more of the characters in that world, which, he claims, is the rationale behind the sequels. However he has also said that hashing out sequels takes away time spent working on original ideas.

Some of the viewing public get very disheartened at the thought of film studios repeating the same movies over and over again. A film sequel of Pixar’s that springs to mind is Cars 2, which when released, was the studio’s first true disappointment, both creatively and commercially.

 The only sequel currently on Pixar’s slate is Finding Dory, the follow-up to Finding Nemo, which is due for release on 25 November 2015. From then on, expect to see very few sequels coming from Pixar.

Should Pixar cease making sequels? What do you think? Have your say below.

Post by Kay Kyson