On 26 January, Peter Pettigrew took time off from his usual hobby of serving He Who Must Not Be Named and instead paid a visit to Studio 2 for a photo session.

However, when the Old Vic Theatre made its way to the London film studio Timothy refused to transform into Ron’s pet rat (disappointing, I know), and instead chose to become ill-tempered tramp Davies, the protagonist of Harold Pinter’s groundbreaking ‘60s play ‘The Caretaker.’

Studio 2’s white screen proved the perfect place to shoot Timothy’s talented portrayal of the irritable bum.

Timothy Spall

See? Look how grumpy and scary he is! It’s great, right?

If you would also fancy having a few photos taken (FYI, they don’t have to be grumpy and scary) or anything else film related for that matter, contact us today for more information about our three studios and green room facilities.