Last Sunday, fans everywhere rejoiced as blood, battles, bastards and boobies finally returned to their screens in the form of the wonderfully gratuitous ‘Game of Thrones’, now in its sixth season.

Here at Spectrecom Studios, we soon discovered that the game’s reach wasn’t just limited to Westeros. Our London studios facilities have hosted many legions of the show’s cast and crew over the years, and while spending any amount of time in the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ will see a marked decrease in life expectancy, the atmosphere in the air here has generally been one of inflated excitement.

The Iron Throne itself moved from its usual residence in King’s Landing to Studio 1 for a promotional stills shoot back in 2012. This proved to be something that not even Senior Scriptwriter Paul could resist the allure of – bending words to your iron will is not nearly as fun as bending the realm apparently.

Paul Game of Thrones

Grab yourself a horn of mead and check out the series 6 trailer below if you’ve got some catching up to do. As for the rest of you, episode 2 “Home” will air on May 1st – you know what to do.